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After telling you all about Huatulco, and writing a very detailed blog post about that magical city (you can read it here), This picture popped up on my phone. The first evening we walk around Crosesita town when Sivan was surprised by a very big Cockroach. She screamed so loud, I thought the police will arrest me for abuse.

We just stood like this for over ten minutes and I couldn't stop laughing.

Let's get talking about PUERTO ESCONDIDO.

As a good friend said today on his Instagram post "I finally understood that a place can help, But people are the ones who really make a place beautiful, the ones who take it to the fullest potential"

That's exactly how I would describe our stay in Puerto Escondido.

We found a Hostel, 5 minutes away from the beach. We never looked for a fancy place but this place was a bit.. beyond what I ever thought we will find as a home for two weeks.

The room was so simple, I really never imagined myself ever staying with my family in such living conditions and it frightening me at the beginning.

After one hour in the kitchen and pool, meeting all the wonderful souls wandering around I knew we were in the right place. Exactly where we are supposed to be.

About the city of Puerto Escondido, I don't have much to say. If I sum it up in a few words.. it was a busy, dirty, and fast pace city.

We had a hard time catching taxis, the supermarkets did not let children in, the people around were running all over like they all are in hurry to the bathroom.

The Hostel was our home!

We met people from all over the world and they excepted our kids and treated them with so much respect and love. They played with the kid's Chess, volleyball, cooked with them, teaching them how to Carve trees, and spoke with them Spanish slowly so they can understand.

Just one of those days by the pool, Hostel Shalom

We spent their 2 weeks and I'll never forget that place.

We had Chess tournaments & live music shows, Yoad played so much guitar with other talented friends and recorded music.

Look at this! even Sivan performed with a song she wrote.

Puerto Escondido has some beautiful nature all around!

here are some places we visited.

Cascada La Reforma

The biggest shame when coming to Mexico is not experiencing blue watered waterfalls, I'm telling from experience haha!!

after rainy days, waterfalls turn to brown! like really brown.

No clear water, No blue water.


We drove through the hills, two hours, all excited about finally spending the day at a waterfall.

The ride wasn’t easy, very bumpy and rocky.

And we finally arrived at a beautiful waterfall but we had no will to go in the water.

So, please learn from our experience and don't go to waterfalls after rainy days, ok?

Playa La Punta

Playa La Punta is the most known beach in Puerto Escondido erea. Very Vibrant and happy, many bars and restaurants. The beach is beautiful and the waves were crazy high, perfect for surfing, even though I can't tell you because I was scared shitless by the waves!

Playa Carrizalillo

Playa Carrizalillo was by far our favorite piece of playa for sure.

Truly breathtaking!

The way to the beach was very special and a bit tiring.

82 steps bring you to this amazing beach, wild and blue.

Surfers all over, clean sand, happy people.

Playa Carrizalillo from the top! how perfect!

every day at Playa Carrizalillo was a special day!

Maayan & Sivan loved spending time with there friends.

Our last day in Puerto Escondido. Sad to say goddbye.

Eventually, we felt it was time to move on with our journey and we got a car for that.

In this blog, I tell you all about our experience purchasing a car as a nonresident in Mexico.

See you in Chiapas!!

Thank you for following our adventure and if you would like to get notified when a new blog post is out, make sure to sign up for our blog.

And of course, feel free to ask anything in the comments.

First week of adventure- Mexico city

Huatulco with kids

Buing a car in Mexico- NON resident

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