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Updated: Jul 18, 2021

Cinco Lagos, Chiapas.

After leaving San Cristóbal, sick like dogs, tired and confused all we wanted was a good night's sleep.

We drove 3 hours and arrived at Comitán, a small town close to so many natural wonders. It seems like this city is super kid-friendly! They have restaurants with Gymboree, trampoline activities, parks, and playgrounds.

We gladly rented an apartment for a week.


Day #1

Arriving at 7 pm didn’t leave us enough time or energy to wander around looking for a place to eat so we called pizzeria Artesanal LA ALBAHACA and ordered a family-sized, thin relish pizza. NOT easy to find good pizza in Mexico!


Day #2

When was the last time you ate a whole chicken for breakfast? well, this was our first time and we kinda liked it!

Pollo Feliz ladies and gentlemen. A chickens restaurant with a Gymboree!

Chiflon Waterfalls

An hour and a half away from Comitan is the Chiflon Waterfalls. We got there after a rainy week so we did not expect to see blue clear water (even though something inside was hoping) and as we expected, the water was brown and muddy. that did no ruin our day AT ALL! we had a great time hiking to the big waterfall and exploring all the little creatures we saw on the way like butterflies and caterpillars, bees, and spiders. The weather was wonderful, not too hot yet not cold. The kids were brave enough to dip in the cold water and play with the soft mud.

We must come back here in the dry season!


Day #3

We started our day at Parque Tematico YA’ Ax

one of the better parks we found so far in Mexico.

The park is divided into sections with a big variety of activities to choose from.

Jumping Max!!! oh my god. I mean, this was pretty shocking to find such an awesome place in the middle of Chiapas. The kids had the time of their lives.

Price- 100$ per kid for one hour + 30$ for special socks.

Jumping max, Comitan Chiapas


Day #4

Parque Nacional Lagunas de Montebello- ill let the pictures speak for me.

I'll just say that I'm speechless as I was when seeing these breathtaking lakes.


Day #5

We went to the movies, an actual theater. The kids watched 'Spirit' while we walked around the mall peacefully.


Day #6

Uninajab Comitán.

Uninajab is a small town in Comitán, 30 minutes from the city of Comitán.

When driving in the town you'll see many homes with pools and water fountains everywhere. The first stop will be by a big pool with the Clearest water and ropes to swing on.

Right by the pool there were locales asking for money, of course, 25$ a person above 5 yo, worth every penny.

After swinging into the water, keep driving around town and you'll get to more amazing pools and springs.

2 kilometers from the center of town you will find a huge lake with perfect water and mountains all around it. I recommend walking around the area and you'll find a cave and a jumping board you can use to jump into the lake.

A local guy told us the depth of the lake is approximately 100 meters, how crazy is that?

After the week was over and we needed to leave the apartment we rented, we decided to stay a few more days to soak up all we can from Comitan and we stayed in a sweet hostel witch we highly recommend called Hostal Oj Wayan the owner is truly the sweetest guy, they have a safe parking space right outside your room.

Hostal Oj Wayan, Comitan Chiapas

What a wonderful time we had in Comitan!

Where are we off to now? PALENQUE

Thank you for following our adventure and if you would like to get notified when a new blog post is out, make sure to sign up for our blog.

And of course, feel free to ask anything in the comments.

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