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Updated: Jul 15, 2021

If traveling Mexico with kids, you must take the time to visit Huatulco.

I would deeply recommend you to stay for more than just a few days and ill tell you why.

Huatulco is a very welcoming, safe, fun and well thought out city. We spent most our time there wandering around town, visiting playgrounds and most of all going to the breathtaking beaches in the area.

The first 3 nights we spent at Nonni Hotel witch we highly recommend. The room was comfy, clean and affordable. The best part for us was the short walk distance to the center of town and to the main playground.

We had no choice but to move to a different hotel for 7 days till the apartment we where about to rend will be available for us.. Nonni Hotel was fully booked unfortunately.

That's when we moved to OYO Hotel. We would not recommend you to go there if you are looking for comfortable beds & WiFi. The service was not very good and for some reason they gave us a hard time getting the password for the Wifi in the lobby.

The upside was definitely the location, across the street was a great restaurant called Luzmar run by the sweetest mother and daughter and serve amazing, fresh, homie food.

Finally, we moved into our home for the next month. Our apartment was at the 'pacifico apartments'. We stayed in a nice, two bedroom apartment with a pool in the complex and mango trees all over. The price was very reasonable and most of all, we had great neighbors.

Condaminios Pacifico, Huatulco

After a week or so, we saw that finding the time to work was getting a bit difficult, being with the kids all day long sure can be a bit draining, right? Thats when we heard of Paco and ..., A couple who run a small school in town. When I say small, i mean small. 10 kids overall at different ages who share similar experiences. The kids went 3 times a week and had a blast!


some places we highly recommend going to:

The best hamburger in town is definitely 'Freddy Burger' located right near the playground.

Rio de Copalita

Most beautiful and relaxing day by the river, kids playing in the shallow water. The river is lined up with local restaurants and hammocks.

Google Maps

Bahía del Orgáno, Huatulco

Bahía del Orgáno

Dont forget to take food the day cuz you wont find anything to eat there! The way to get to the beach is by driving or taking a taxi to the entrance and then you will walk through the forest for about 15 minutes passing by Mango trees till you get to the most amazing beach!

Tip- Dont take a lot of stuff with you, just what you need.

Google Maps

Cacaluta, Huatulco

Bahia De Cacaluta

This was one heck of a day!

We got to Bahia De Cacaluta

by taxi and we asked the taxi driver to come back at 5:00 pm to pick us up. Then we took a ride in the back of a truck to the beach and spent the most wonderful day there. The water was way to dangerous to swim in so we just danced, walked the cost line and enjoyed the freedom.

The taxi driver never came to pick us up, so we hitchhiked back home.

It was a wonderful day :)

Google Maps

Playa La Bocana

A brief random conversation with a local guy revealed to me that there is a nice beach with a creek leading to the sea.

Funny because I was expecting to see a nice beach with a creek.

For a moment I did not think we would be going to a place that would take my breath, cancel my thoughts, deafen my ears and make me feel for a few minutes that we are alone in this crazy world.

Half a year ago a hurricane took a strong hold of the coast and today it is felt there in every corner with large trunks stuck in the sand and thrown in every corner like a world surviving an apocalypse.

The waves there seemed to know we were coming and greeted us with cheers.

We danced and sang, climbed the rocks and screamed with excitement at every crab that came to say hello.

We soaked up everything and continued on towards the creek.

After a long walk along the shore we saw it, we saw the stream flowing into the sea!

We ran like crazy, dying to get there.

And we did, we got to the stillness, the sweetness of the water, the modesty of nature and the tenderness we had needed for so long.

Google Maps

Bladu'Yú Restaurant

Yoad and I work online, so we looked all over for a nice place we can spend a few hours a day, with good internet connection and work.

Finally we found this sweet restaurant with great food and very good and welcoming staff.

Find them on Facebook


The month was almost over and thats when we decided we are better off purchasing a car. Sounds easy, hu? well, it's NOT!

Long story short- We haven’t found a car in Huatulco, so we took a bus and moved to Puerto Escondido hoping the luck will come in a bigger city and it did come. No thanks to Puerto cuz we purchased it from an Israeli family who left Mexico and was looking to sell their vehicle.

I hope we gave you some insights about this sweet town, Huatulco.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments :)

Best of luck in your journey!

The Shoshani Family

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