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La Bocana Beach, Mexico // We found our quiet place

A brief random conversation with a local guy revealed to me that there is a nice beach with a creek leading to the sea.

Funny because I was expecting to see a nice beach with a creek.

For a moment I did not think we would reach a place that would hold my breath, cancel my thoughts, deafen my ears and make me feel for a few minutes that we are alone in this crazy world.

Half a year ago a hurricane took a strong hold of the coast and today it is felt there in every corner with large trunks stuck in the sand and thrown in every corner like a world surviving an apocalypse.

The waves there seemed to know we were coming and greeted us with cheers.

We danced and sang, climbed the rocks and screamed with excitement at any cancer that came to say hello.

We soaked up everything and continued on towards the creek.

Do you hear our excitement?

After a long walk along the shore we saw it, we saw the stream flowing into the sea!

We ran like crazy, already dying to get there.

Then we came, to the stillness, the sweetness of the water, the modesty of nature and the tenderness we had needed for so long.

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